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The Hotel Restaurant Piedra is located in Perlora, in an environment very quiet and peaceful, geographic center coastal of the Asturias Principality;

Located 500 meters from the beach, 50 meters from the railway station and 200 meters from the bus, which allow access in a few minutes to Gijón (11 km. ), Avilés (17 km) and to the capital of the Principality, Oviedo (33 km. )

The most common access are:

From Oviedo: Highway A-66, direction Avilés, taking the turning in Tabaza toward Candás.

FromGijón: Exit Highway A-66, taking the diversion at Km 3 toward AS-19, until turning in C-39 diection Candás.

From Avilés: Exit Highway A-66 until towering in Tabaza to Candás. Also for the AS-9, direction Gijón, until detour of C-39 toward Candás.